Why The Ipod Touch Is Perfect For Air Travel

The iPod Touch is the iPhone non-cellular brother. Or perhaps cousin. You see, it’s almost identical to the iPhone, except that it can’t do the whole phone thing, but it makes up for that in the million other things it can do, things that will keep you very entertained on planes.

For someone who has grown tired of in flight entertainment systems, the iPod Touch has been a god send for my regular flight schedule. Along with the Kindle for reading books, the iPod Touch is perfect for the moments when I want a little more entertainment. The Kindle is good when you want to sit quietly and read, for example during take-off, or when it’s starting to get late, just before you want to fall asleep.

However, even on flights from Phoenix to London reading the whole time can become a bore. So it’s good to have the alternative of the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch will allow you to play many games. Some of my favorites are Angry Bird, Space Miner Blast, Monopoly and that old board game classic Risk. All of these games are available for download from the Apple iTunes Store, at a very reasonable price. Flights from Dallas to Torontowill never pass faster after you experience the iPod Touch. And gaming is only the first thing it can do. You can also read articles that you’ve saved by later reading on the application instant paper, or you can see what the weather will be like at your destination.

When in the airport, if you find a WiFi HotSpot, you can find out just exactly how delayed flights from Atlanta to Las Vegas have been in the past. The iPod Touch is a very powerful device, and it’s perfect for air travel. Don’t forget to load up some music too.

Stacey sylvester is an author that writes about travel and leisure

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