Why Most People Prefer To Use Gatwick Parking Or Gatwick Hotels And Parking To Public Transport?

Each successive UK Government for at least the last 25 years has stressed that more people need to make more use of public transport whether they are travelling to work or moving around the country.

The car it would seem is public enemy number 1 along with airline travel for polluting the planet. Yet despite all their efforts the number of cars on UK roads continues to rise and passengers numbers passing through the airports do the same.

Gatwick airport is situated south of London with its main catchment area centred on the South East of the country. This having been said many of its customers will still come from all parts of the UK, because the more local regional airports are unable to provide the number of destinations and departure times and dates available from Gatwick.

Even if you live reasonably close to Gatwick you will still have to travel to a bus or rail route and then more than likely be taken to a central station for onward transfer to the airport. If you live further away the number of connections will increase.

The simple fact is that you cannot apply the same reasoning behind why people should use a city tram scheme to travelling an airport. Most people live away from these direct routes and do not want to have to carry baggage on and off buses, trains and through the London underground if they can avoid it.

Not only is this physically hard work even with todays modern wheeled luggage you will inevitably have to sit around waiting for connections. The next problem is if you miss a connection; so you end up having to set off much earlier than you would wish to allow enough time if this does happen adding to your journey time.

With a car you can drive straight to the airport when you want without all the carrying of cases and waiting around for connections. Moreover the cost of Gatwick Airport
and cost of fuel is the same whether there are 4 of you or one whilst with public transport you are all charged individually.

Also if you decide to use a Gatwick Hotels and Parking package you can drive down the day before at your own pace and arrive at the airport the next day refreshed having only to complete a short journey from the hotel.

The author has been providing airport parking and airport hotels online for over 20 years through Flypark.co.uk

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