What Travel Recruitment Agencies Look For

Tourism accounts for huge part of any nation’s economy, and there are, as you might expect, a large number of people employed in it. Travel recruitment has therefore become a very important part of ensuring that a company has the right staff on order to provide the service that holidaymakers expect.

So what sort of person are travel recruitment agencies looking for? In many instances there will be a lengthy process of interviews and in some cases role playing. Even for more basic jobs such as dish washing, for example, many travel recruitment firms will ask that the potential employee attends a formal interview, often followed by role playing games to assess if the individual has the key skills to fulfill the role.

For each role, be it a rep, a chef, a waiter, a cleaner – there are specific qualities that are sought by these firms in order to ensure that hotels and tourist attractions/facilities offer the best service to those on holiday. In many cases, a family has just two weeks holiday a year in which to really enjoy themselves, and so many travel firms realise the importance of ensuring that the experience is a s enjoyable as possible for all involved.

A career or short term job opportunity as offered by a travel recruitment company will, as far as many are concerned, provide an extremely fun way to spend a summer or even winter. Even in a recession, there are a great deal of jobs available in hotels and holiday resorts in the UK and of course in places such as Spain. With fewer people going abroad this summer, there are more travel recruitment opportunities in the British Isles.

And of course, it is isn’t just summertime that gives people the chance to try something new in a vibrant tourist backdrop. The winter also offers plenty of job possibilities, such as working in a ski resort. Jobs in these locations often come with accommodation and food included – but equally do not pay very much money at all.

On the plus side, you are often given added extras like a free ski pass and rental of skis or a snowboard. Taking holidays in the Alps, for example, can be expensive – but choosing to work in one of these resorts can make it a possibility for those who do not have a massive amount of money.

Travel recruitment forms offer a whole range of jobs all year round, and it is likely that your particular skills will be suited to one of these roles.

Gino Hitshopi is highly experienced in the realm of travel recruitment, having worked in the sector for many years. For more information please visit: http://www.newfrontiers.co.uk/

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