Star Hotels and Resorts in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett national parkis fabulous wildlife conserve located in Northern state of Uttarakhand. Endowed with magnificent flora and fauna, stay at Corbett is simply an amazing experience. People throng in great number here to experience a unique proximity to nature. But what makes stay in Corbett National Park so special are the five star hotels. They are in plenty. Also termed as deluxe hotels in corbett, they are simply amazing destinations to spend holidays or leisure.

The five star hotels in Corbett are for their warm hospitality, services, amenities and homely feel. Situated in mesmerising location—foothills of shivalik range of gigantic Himalays, hotels are famous for their exclusive access to some wonderful sites of Corbett. All five star hotels in Corbett are set up on bank of mesmerising Kosi River and eastern border Corbett Tiger Reserve. All the hotels provide you once-in-life experience.

Though there is no hard and fast rule for explaining the five star hotels, it’s said that there are about 70 different categories of accommodation. And most of them are classified as deluxe or luxury hotels. These hotels are perfect for tiger tours, bird watching tours, wildlife tours and so son. Though they are said as five star hotels, but they are very affordable.

Here is a list of reputed hotels in Corbett:


Luxury Hotels in Corbett

Tarika Resort
Infinity Resort
Tarangi Resort
The Den Corbett
Wild Crest Resort
Country Inn Resort
Wood Castle Resort
Manu Maharani Resort
Camp Riverwild Resort
Corbett Hideaway Resort



Deluxe Hotels in Corbett

Safari Park
Wild Trail Resort
La Perle Resort
The Den Resort
Tiger Camp Resort
Suman Grand Resort
Corbett Roop Resort
Jaagar Village Resort
Ashoka Tiger Trail Resort
Jims Jungle Retreat Resort
Corbett Jungle Club Resort



It is strongly recommended to review all of these hotels on own as it will ensure you utmost satisfaction during your stay. While reviewing, you should read the comments and ratings given by those who have said in those hotels. In case you want to live in a specific hotel, you should ask your travel coordinator to make booking in that hotel. The finest thing is that you can always customize your travel, including your stay duration and kind of rooms you want to avail. You can always upgrade your accommodation during your stay. But it’s recommended to plan stay in advance.

Good accommodation facility makes your trip more enjoyable. is a complete tour planner of Corbett national park India. Here you book hotels in Corbett, Safari Zones in Jim Corbett, Corbett Tour Packages and also get information about Corbett national park India.

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