I will professionally proofreader AND edit your book

I’m a professional editor with fifteen years of experience in various industries, including journalism, academic publishing, and the legal field. I have worked in the publishing industry (magazines and textbooks), have been a technical writer, and currently work as an editor and proofreader for my state’s legislature, so I’ve seen–and perfected–just about every type of document you can imagine. I have a keen ear for grammar, style, and organization, and am basically a walking dictionary who can help you choose the perfect words to convey your message. I can edit anything, fiction or nonfiction, and promise that you’ll be 100-percent satisfied with my work.

I will proofread and edit 1,000 words for £3.

If you have a longer manuscript, no worries. Just order more than once, and I’m happy to oblige!

I will proofread and edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. My goal is to make your paper, email, or document shine!

Threerrr £3 Micro Jobs for Services and Ebooks

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