I will give you 101 chicken wing recipes Wing for £3

THE WINGS: Prepare the chicken wings: Mince and mash the garlic and
shallots to a paste with the salt. In a large bowl stir the paste together
with the 5 spice powder, paprika, rosemary, cayenne, and the oil. Mix
well. Add the chicken wings. Toss and stir them until they are completely
covered with the marinade. Let them marinate, covered and chilled for 4
hours or over night. Arrange the wings, skin side up, on the rack of a
foil lined large broiler pan and bake them in the upper third of a
preheated 425F oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until they are golden. The
wings may be prepared one day in advance, kept covered and chilled and
then reheated before serving. THE SAUCE: In a blender, blend together the
peanut butter, cream of coconut, garlic, water, bell pepper, red pepper
flakes and the soy sauce until the mixture is smooth, season the sauce
with salt, to taste. THE PRESENTATION:
Transfer the sauce to a serving bowl set on a platter.
Arrange the wings around the bowl and garnish the platter with the

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