Hotel Day Spas

A spa break provides a haven of tranquility and a time to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. A fitness center, equipped with healthy drinks and snacks is a welcome reprieve from an office cubicle. Men and women both enjoy having tables set in bistro style, with plant greenery to offer privacy as they unwind after working out.  Indoor pools, particularly salt water pools are a desired feature for many patrons. Hot tubs and Jacuzzis, as well as Saunas, are considered to be a ‘must have’ feature for those looking to get away from the office for an afternoon. Many spas now offer private dining areas for patrons to enjoy catching up with a friend over lunch, or as a part of a corporate team building day. Lunch menus offer healthy vegan and light fare. Gourmet salads, fish, and soups often top the executive chef choices at spa dining rooms.

Personal pampering is what spa treatments are all about. Pampering is a way for the customer to allow the cares of the world to melt away, as she soaks in the luxury of being waited on. Spa menus often include manicures and pedicures, done with gentle strokes designed to brush away the old and give a new fresh look and feel to tired hands and feet. Massage services are wildly popular. Professional massage therapists know that creating an atmosphere of relaxation is as critical as the massage itself. Private rooms are usually dimly lighted, and have soothing music playing in the background. Aroma therapy is considered to be an integral part of the overall massage experience, and patrons are encouraged to select the aroma from the spa menu, when making the appointment. Candles and fountains of trickling water complete the atmosphere. The massage menu is also extensive. The spa break massage can be just a facial, or a total body massage. Hot stones or other forms of heat are often used to aid in relaxing tense muscles. The massage therapist gently, yet forcefully, works the knots out of specified muscles groups, while the music lulls the patron to complete relaxation.

Hotels offering spa break menus are gaining in popularity, as the demands on adults increases. Many patrons consider spa treatments the missing link to finding the work-life balance. An afternoon, overnight, or weekend at a spa allows the patron to relax and rejuvenate, and to prepare mentally to go back to the reality of a busy work-home life. Milsom Hotels provide Day Spa Packages based in Essex. For further information on Essex Day Spa go to provide Essex Day Spa and treatment rooms together with spa packages to suit all requirements

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