East Midlands Airport Parking And East Midlands Hotel Parking Options

East Midlands airport is a little jewel with easy connections from either the M1 or M42 motorways and serves the major cities of Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham and Leicester.

The great thing about this airport is there are only 4 million plus passengers per year which makes it big enough to enjoy most of the services found at a bigger airport. Airports such as Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow might have a lot more choice of services and range of flights but the downside is their sheer size and mass of people milling about.

At these airports you seem to spend nearly all your time queuing for check in, security, food and drink whereby at East Midlands there is a less frenetic pace to everything and it altogether just feels a lot less stressful.

Despite its size there is still a good choice of parking operations with an excellent off airport car park just over five minutes away which also offers the option of a return greet whereby you take your car to the car park but upon your return your car is waiting for you close to arrivals.

Other options are to go for a full Meet and Greet package where you leave and pick up your car close to the terminal or leave your car at the airport. The airport has several car parks with a different pricing system depending upon the transfer time, although in the winter one pricing system tends to operate. Another company is located within walking distance similar to the short stay but offers a range of valet services so you return to a sparking clean car.

Several offer a discount off their normal price on the condition that the parking cannot be cancelled for any reason. These discounts are quite generous but you could end up forfeiting the fee if you are unable to travel to the airport or if the flight is cancelled.

In addition to the car parks there are three hotels close by which offer accommodation and parking, which is great if you have a long way to travel or the weather forecast is not too good and you dont want to chance missing your flight.
Indeed booking an East Midlands hotel with parking deal gives you that extra day to unwind and travel to the airport the day before and enjoy a relaxing meal and travel the short distance to the airport the following day.

It is essential that you book your

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