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The North Pole is a mightily emotive place, having inspired some of world history’s most noted explorers. We offer you the chance to follow in their footsteps, with a choice between the North Pole Ice Breaker and the North Pole Odyssey for your trip with us to the top of the Earth.

The Ice Breaker involves sailing on one of the most powerful icebreakers in the world, the Yamal. It heads north from Murmansk, across the Barents Sea, before it hits the dense pack ice of the Arctic, in the process negotiating extremely difficult ice conditions. The journey affords a great opportunity to experience some of the most captivating and immense landscapes to be found anywhere in the world. The ship’s deck and our helicopter are perfect places from which to take in the astonishing polar scenery, consisting of snow, ice and the habitats of an assortment of Arctic wildlife including ivory gulls, walruses and, of course, polar bears.

The Odyssey, meanwhile, traces the routes taken by polar explorers from down the ages, such as the early 20th century claimants to be the first to reach the pole such as Dr. Frederick Cole (1908) and Commander Robert E. Peary (1909). Led by an experienced polar escort, the Odyssey begins with a northward journey that covers the Magnetic North Pole, Eureka and Nansen Sounds, in addition to Cape Columbia on Ellesmere Island. The return south, meanwhile, takes in the abandoned Greenland village of Etah, the base camp for several Arctic expeditions, including Peary’s.

Enquire today about a North Pole holiday with Arctic Direct. We offer adventure holidays at their most unforgettable and breathtaking. Our range of Arctic packages includes ice driving in Finland in addition to Northern Lights holidays in Sweden, as well as stays at Sweden’s Ice Hotel. Book Northern Lights holidays, trips to the North Pole and other cool holidays with the experts here at Arctic Direct.

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