Amusement Parks, Beaches, And Hotels

Los Angeles is home to more entertainment, stars, tourist sites, beaches, parks, hotels, amusement parks, airports, art museums, and restaurants, than anywhere else. If you want the perfect vacation, find the perfect Los Angeles Hotel and start mapping out your agenda.

The best-known places of amusement are Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Universal Studios. Universal Studios is opened daily for tours, rides, and attractions. Come face to face to with King Kong in the most intense 3-D experience on the planet., special effects stages for learning the secrets behind the blockbuster movies you love. You will learn about stop motion, CGI, motion capture and 3-D technology.
Other attractions include shows and themed attractions from the world’s biggest moves and TV series such as Jurassic, Park, Shrek 4-D, The Simpson’s and Revenge of the Mummy.

After spending a wonderful day at the amusement park you can stroll through Universal City Walk filled with shops, restaurants, music indoor skydiving, comedy, and music.

Disneyland needs no introduction; it is the stuff dreams are made from for visitors old and young. Six Flags California is about an hour and a half from Los Angeles and as Knott’s Berry Farm offers some of the most thrill seeking rides available. If roller coasters are you thing, both of these parks are for you.

Santa Monica Pier was built in 1908 for passenger and cargo ships. It does a great job of recapturing the glory days of Southern California. The pier houses seafood restaurants, snack shacks, a Mexican cantina, a indoor wooden carousel from the turn- of -the- century. There is an aquarium filled with rays, eels, octopus, sharks, and other local sea life.

The Los Angeles Zoo may not be as large as the San Diego, but it offers plenty of animals for everyone. From mammals to reptiles, invertebrates to amphibians, birds and botanical gardens, it is a wonderful way to spend the day. With almost perfect weather year round, spending the day outside with the exotic animals is perfect any time of the year.

The Los Angeles Convention Center brings millions of people annually to the city with 147,000 square feet of meeting room space. It is constructed of glass and steel pavilions conveniently linked by meeting room concourses.

People most often come to Los Angeles and Southern California for the beaches. With plenty to do throughout the day, evening and night, Los Angeles is the perfect vacation destination. Always be prepared for a little chill at night and pleasant days.
There are a myriad of Los Angeles hotels to fill all your needs and comforts. LA is a great place to spend a weekend or a month, you’ll never run out of things to do and see.

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