Air Travel with your Guitar

If you are going on holiday and wish to take your guitar, there are certain facts that you have to take into consideration. Usually the preparation is the same for both an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, but it would be advisable to check with your airline to find out details about their rules and regulations. Unlike a few decades ago, airlines have stringent guidelines and you may find that you will not be allowed to have your guitar with you, but instead have to check it in with the luggage. There are a few pointers that can ease the stress of the journey on your guitar, however always weigh the pros and cons and evaluate whether it is absolutely necessary to take your guitar. For most guitar lovers though it is almost unthinkable to travel without the guitar, so try some of the tips given below for a safe journey.

Make sure to pad your guitar case so the guitar is cushioned while being unable to move around in the case. This will eliminate the damage caused by bumps or other luggage falling on the case. Though our guitar is precious to us others may not handle it with the necessary due care. So to cushion the guitar from such outside elements make sure it is padded well within the case. Another guarantee for safety during travel is to ensure you have a quality travel case that is firm and strong. It will work a long way towards reducing any damage to the guitar. Also as a precaution loosen your guitar strings before travel to prevent them from snapping.

Of course the ideal scenario would be if you could have the guitar with you throughout the flights. Check before hand with the airline and see if they will issue a permit for you to carry your guitar with you onto the plane. This will not only minimize damage but be less stressful for you as well. Get in touch early and try and negotiate your way into keeping your precious cargo with you, which would also minimize the chances of it being lost or stolen. As regulations could change depending upon whether your guitar is an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, so make sure to be specific when detailing so as to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion.

Be it an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar you need to ensure your guitar is safe during travel so follow the guidelines given and enjoy your journey.

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